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What We Do - Custom LCD Displays And Modules

Fast Turnaround for your Custom LCD Displays
• Counter drawings: 3 to 5 days.
• Prototype samples: 3 to 5 weeks.
• Production: 4 to 6 weeks.

Custom LCDs: Cost Protection

We specialize in custom LCD Displays and modules for numerous applications:

Your One Stop Solution For Custom LCD Displays And Modules

Continuation Design Assistance
Follow up continuation engineering as your product matures, or as your design needs change at no charge.

Competitive Quotes on Existing Custom LCD ProductsJust send us a copy of your current specifications and we will do our best to give you a high quality product at a lower price.

There's no need to worry about your LCD requirements. Let LCDdesigns do it for you. We have been designing, and building custom LCDs for more than twenty years. 

Our design service provides you with a one-stop total solution for custom LCD displays. We provide a friendly one-company interface between you and the factories.

 Work without the risk. We'll save you time and money. We've been working with the same factories for over twenty years. Let our experience, and relationships work for you.

Custom LCDs

Our years of experience helps us to quickly define your needs and reduce the design cycle by months. Our experienced designers help compress the design cycle so you get your product to market faster.

Call Today: (408) 567-0888

Low Cost Production 
Multiple factories allow us to achieve the best pricing for you.

Know before you start
Up front tooling, and production quantity quotations.

Technical discussions will determine your layout, display size, liquid crystal fluid, voltage, duty, bias, temperature, backlighting, connection method, packaging requirements, LCD driver, and LCD controller-driver selection assistance.

Segment Displays, Dot Matrix Displays, Character Modules, and Graphic Modules up to 320 X 240, (1/4 VGA).

Simplified Chinese, Japanese, European and other languages.

TN, HTN, STN, & FSTN Liquid Crystal Fluids
Chip On Board (COB)
Chip On Glass (COG)
Chip On Flex (COF)
Chip On TAB (TAB)

We offer many types of backlights: EL, CCFL, Edge Lit LED, & LED Array. 

We can enhance your design by adding in switches, keypads, and indicator lamps.

We can offer you various connection methods: Pins, Heat Seal Connector (HSC), Flexible Flat Cable (FFC), Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), to satisfy virtually any mounting configuration.